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Alan Cura - CEO at Guardians of the Ball.

Alan Cura


As our CEO, Alan embodies visionary leadership, charting the course for our mission to revolutionize the football experience with a solid IT delivery background. Defining and communicating our long-term vision, inspiring our diverse and motivated team to achieve our strategic goals. With a strong commitment to ethical conduct and responsible corporate citizenship, Alan fosters collaboration with partners, stakeholders, and the football community. Alan’s deep understanding of football, Web3, and unwavering passion for our mission are the driving forces behind our transformative journey.

Alan has been leading large and complex IT organizations for more than a decade, with solid experience delivering results on global initiatives across multiple industries such as Insurance, Corporate Real Estate, hospitality, and Travel. He is obsessed with fostering a sense of belonging among the team and community. He is absolutely passionate about football. His journey to Web3 and Football started back in 2021 when he was given the opportunity to collaborate with prestigious leagues and federations in different regions, which helped him to consolidate his vision of reshaping how football is experienced globally, bringing it closer to its fans, unlocking the potential of Web3, and enhancing user experiences through cutting-edge technology. His dedication propels us forward on this extraordinary journey of innovation and inclusivity.
Federico Khaski - CMO at Guardians of the Ball.

Federico Khaski


In the realm of company communication and business, Federico leads a team of editorial, design, public relations and content wizards who blend creativity and strategy as their secret weapons. Collaborating closely with brands, players and clubs, they sculpt immersive experiences that transform GOB into an irresistible universe where everyone yearns to belong.

Federico worked for more than a decade for multinational companies, responsible for igniting creativity and providing direction across diverse markets, from EMEA to North and South America, the Middle East, and Africa. His approach to leadership is founded on a strong strategic mindset and a deep commitment to empowering teams to achieve their full potential by creating an inspiring environment where great ideas turn into great results.
Marcos Temporini - CFO at Guardians of the Ball.

Marcos Temporini


Marcos is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning technology, finance, and trading. With over a decade of experience, he has held key leadership roles across various organizations, showcasing his financial acumen and innovative thinking. As the CEO of Bluealy, a prominent technology and Web3 company in Barcelona, Spain, Marcos has excelled in harnessing emerging technologies like blockchain and Web3 to drive industry redefinition and growth.

His role as the CFO of Guardians of the Ball, a groundbreaking Football Metaverse project also based in Barcelona, underscores Marcos's ability to blend his love for football with financial expertise. Here, he has effectively managed financial strategies, ensuring the successful development and sustainability of a cutting-edge venture at the intersection of sports and technology.

Before these roles, Marcos honed his skills through 12 years of trading at Day Trade the World in Rosario, Argentina, gaining extensive experience in navigating financial markets, developing strategies, and making critical decisions under pressure. Marcos's unique blend of leadership, financial expertise, and passion for football and finance make him a valuable asset in any organization, driving innovation, fostering growth, and achieving success.
Juan Martín Cufré - CTO at Guardians of the Ball.

Juan Martín Cufré


Juan Martín Cufré began his tech journey as a teenager, accumulating nearly two decades of experience across various sectors. His extensive knowledge spans from cyber security, which has been a lifelong commitment from age 17, to cloud services, networking, CDNs, and server hardware.

In the crypto sphere, Juan uses Solidity to create EVM smart contracts and is also proficient in languages like C++, Javascript, PHP, and Assembler. In addition, he has hands-on experience with both open-source and closed-source networking systems, server operation for big brands, and electronics.

From age 16, Juan explored AI, delving into Machine Learning, Neural Networks, NLU, and more, with working knowledge of platforms like TensorFlow and PyTorch. An avid inventor and passionate technology leader, Juan's career flourishes through constant learning and pattern recognition, striving to make a significant global impact.
Walter Semolič - Game Design Lead at Guardians of the Ball.

Walter Semolič

Game Design Lead

Walter leads the game developers team, the 3D modellers team, and also the team of artists who give life to the virtual world of GOB.

His job entails gathering up all the aspects required to make the game in a way that gamifies the traditional experience people may find in the football industry.

Walter is a musician and passionate music producer, who has more than 18 years of experience in the music and entertainment industry. He has also made more than 70 recording and participated in more than 500 concerts in more than 19 countries in Latin America and Europe.

He has worked as: Artistic and executive producer. A&R. Music marketing manager. Show business producer. Music Publicist and Public Relations Counselor. Music PR. Discography producer. Artist manager. Business developer. Game designer.

CoFounder of DontPayMusic, GEN Music, and Up Entertainment. Adviser in MN Comunicación. A&R Marketing director in Media Music SRL and BMV Producciones/SonyMusic.CCO in GoMusic. CoFounder, CCO, and Game Designer in Xave. CoFounder of Malti Entertainment.


Yasin Turan - Country Manager Turkey at Guardians of the Ball.

Yasin Turan

Country Manager Turkey

Yasin Turan, the Country Manager of GOB Turkey, boasts an impressive 20-year career in the football industry. With extensive experience managing esteemed football players and clubs in Turkey, as well as excelling in roles such as event organization, award ceremony coordination, and media consultancy in the sports and arts community, Yasin's versatile background has uniquely positioned him in the football industry. His leadership skills and extensive network have been instrumental in his success.

Yasin is recognized for his visionary approach, aiming to revolutionize the football industry by integrating technological innovations, ultimately creating a more sustainable and innovative environment. Under his leadership at GOB Turkey, he is determined to lead the digital transformation of football, forging stronger connections between players, clubs, and fans. His unwavering passion for football and commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments make him a true pioneer in integrating technology into the sector, shaping its future, and solidifying his respected reputation in the field.
Salih Turan - Turkish Operations at Guardians of the Ball.

Salih Turan

Turkish Operations

Salih Turan, a seasoned cryptocurrency investment advisor with seven years of experience, currently holds the position of Operations Manager at GOB Turkey. His career is marked by a deep understanding of cryptocurrency market trends, data analysis, and identifying investment opportunities. Salih has successfully guided numerous clients through the complexities of the crypto market, helping them achieve their financial goals.

As the Operations Manager at GOB Turkey, he plays a pivotal role in expanding the company's presence in Turkey, ensuring smooth operations, and fostering strong client and partner relationships. With a background in Finance and relevant certifications, Salih remains up-to-date with industry developments, driven by his passion for the transformative potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

In summary, Salih Turan, in his role as a cryptocurrency investment advisor and Operations Manager at GOB Turkey, brings extensive knowledge, experience, and a dedication to providing exceptional service and tailored investment strategies in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

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