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System requirements
Specification Requirement
Operating system Windows 10 64-bit version 1909 revision .1350 or higher, or versions 2004 and 20H2 revision .789 or higher
Processor Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster
Memory 8 GB RAM
Graphics DirectX 11 or 12 compatible graphics card with the latest drivers
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Two avatars playing soccer, one wearing an Argentina jersey and the other goalkeeper adorned in José Luis Chilavert jersey

Get ready to lace up your virtual boots and experience football like you've never imagined before! The countdown has begun for the most anticipated multiplayer Metaverse Soccer Game that will redefine the way you play, connect, and interact.

Imagine a world where you can live and breathe the sport. Customize your avatar, visit your beloved stadiums, and interact with fellow soccer fans from across the globe. Guardians of the ball invites you to a thriving community where your passion for soccer takes center stage.

Man and woman avatars visiting the streets and stadiums of the game


Walk and wander around numerous districts and their stadiums in an unlimited way.

  • Club Stadiums Icon. Clubs: You have the freedom to enter meticulously crafted 3D replicas of your beloved teams' stadiums, capturing the essence of the originals in a perfect 1:1 representation.
  • Art District Icon Art District: Unleash your passion in the captivating art district, where extraordinary works of art come to life.
  • Legends Icon Legends District: Experience the awe-inspiring presence of the greatest players of all time in the district of legends.
A female avatar who interacts with friends through the GOB game chat feature


Connect with fellow fans and expand your circle of friends! Add them to your list, engage in lively chats, and arrange exciting meet-ups to celebrate before or after the match. Alternatively, you can simply rendezvous in the virtual stands for a memorable gathering.
A stage set with musical instruments, accompanied by two food trucks below

Before the match

Unite with fellow fans and friends, and enjoy what happens before the match around the stadium. Explore the vibrant Fan Zone, where you can connect with other passionate fans, engage in lively chats, participate in diverse discussion forums, access valuable statistics, learn about the team's formation, receive up-to-the-minute information, enjoy captivating shows, acquire exclusive assets, and so much more.
An avatar watching a soccer match in the game's stadium, surrounded by chat windows, statistics, photos, and a video call

During the match

Whether you choose a virtual seat or a virtual box, prepare for an immersive football match experience within the metaverse. Through real-time creation based on game mocap, a dynamic 3D representation will transport you into the heart of the action. Additionally, you'll have access to live statistics, engaging chats with fellow fans and friends, multiple camera angles for match viewing, the ability to make video calls, and an array of other exciting features to elevate your enjoyment.
An avatar engaged in a video call, watching news updates and match summaries within the game

After the match

Welcome to a place meticulously crafted and tailor-made just for you. Following each match, you have the privilege of entering an exclusive and unparalleled living room nestled in the heart of the stadium. Seated on a plush sofa, you have access to a wealth of offerings: official news, social media updates, online newspapers, detailed statistics from the last match, captivating summaries, captivating videos, engaging discussion forums, and a multitude of additional delights. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary space, where comfort and content converge to create an unrivalled post-match experience.
A male avatar in a stadium with game notifications visible around


Prepare yourself for an unforgettable blast of enjoyment, as you step into a realm where you'll experience the thrill of playing in the very stadiums you've always fantasized about. From facing off against unfamiliar opponents to rallying with your own crew, the excitement knows no bounds. But that's not all – brace yourself for a medley of exhilarating challenges: outshining your pals in penalty shootouts, showcasing a repertoire of skills that'll leave other avatars envious, and proving your precision as you guide that ball straight into the target. Get ready, because the ultimate adventure in fun awaits you like never before.
Two avatars with a hexagonal map of the game's Lands in the background


Your place in Guardians of the Ball.

Secure your very own slice of the expansive GOB open world and assume the role of a landowner, with the freedom to create and construct your own personal or commercial haven. Utilize the comprehensive toolkit provided to customize your Land, or venture into the realm of imagination and design your own unique experiences, following the guidelines outlined in the creators' manual. The Lands may differ in their external size though they are equally the same internally.
Acquire a land!

If you have any doubts, questions, or simply need technical support, please send and email to:  [email protected]

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